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In addition to our exceptional machining services, we also offer a comprehensive range of surface finishing options to ensure that your parts achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance as envisioned in your design. Our finishing capabilities encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from basic deburring, polishing, and smoothing, to advanced techniques such as painting, silk printing, anodizing, sand blasting, heat treatment, black oxide, nitride coating, carburizing, PVD coating, powder coating, and more.


Our post-processing procedures are designed to meticulously handle your parts, including thorough cleaning, sweeping, deburring, rust removal, and degreasing.


Furthermore, we have a specialized division dedicated to providing Visual Finishing Solutions. With over 20 years of professional experience collaborating with designers and engineers worldwide, we excel at understanding and meeting your specific requirements for color, texture, gloss, or durometer. Whether you desire transparent or translucent tints, pearl or metallic flakes, or even glow-in-the-dark finishes for your painted and cast parts, we are fully equipped to fulfill your unique requests.


Our team plays a crucial role in facilitating effective communication with our international clients and assisting in the internationalization of production processes and standards. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide and support you throughout the entire production journey, ensuring a seamless and successful collaboration.



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We offer a range of solutions to help you scale from effective prototypes to production parts. Our rich manufacturing experience and ability to integrate resources enable us to handle any project’s needs and ensure your parts always meet the highest quality standards. 



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