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Flagship has established itself as a leading provider of plastic injection molds since 2006. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our innovative design techniques, cutting-edge technology, impeccable craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art facilities. These elements combine to ensure the production of high-quality molds and parts for our esteemed global clientele.


We offer a comprehensive range of tooling services, including Prototyping Mold, Multi-shot molds/2K molds, and Insert overmolding. Our expertise caters to various industries such as Automotive, Electronics, Appliance, Medical, and Housewares.


To better serve our expanding customer base, we have strategically established offices and overseas teams in prominent European and US countries, including the UK, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico, and more. This allows us to continually meet and exceed our customers' expectations and requirements, providing them with unparalleled service and support.



As a leading plastic injection company in China, we take pride in offering comprehensive, one-stop professional services to our valued customers. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving the perfect product solution that meets their specific needs.


First and foremost, we boast a highly skilled team of engineers, including experienced mold making designers and injection engineers. With their expertise, we are able to collaborate with our customers right from the design stage. We provide valuable input on design selection, including material recommendations, manufacturability improvements, and part feature enhancements.


Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in the following example: One of our clients initially opted for POM as the material for their part. However, upon careful analysis of functionality, our engineers determined that normal ABS would suffice. This material change resulted in significant cost savings for the client's project.


In addition to our exceptional engineering capabilities, we possess a robust custom injection molding manufacturing facility. Our extensive range of injection machines, spanning from 60 tons to 3000 tons, enables us to be highly flexible in producing a diverse array of parts. Whether it's thin-walled components as thin as 0.5mm or large-scale parts measuring up to 1.2 meters, we have the capacity to deliver. Furthermore, we specialize in various manufacturing techniques, including insert injection molding, over-molding injection molding, optical injection molding, rapid injection molding, and precision injection molding. This ensures that we can select the most suitable manufacturing approach for your unique product requirements.


As an ISO9001-certified company, we place great emphasis on maintaining a stringent quality control system throughout our custom plastic injection molding services. Starting from the very beginning, our Incoming Quality Control (IQC) team ensures meticulous inspection of all raw materials. During the injection production process, our Process Quality Control (PQC) team conducts thorough checks on the ongoing injection parts. Finally, before shipment, our Quality Assurance (QA) team meticulously inspects the goods to ensure compliance with the customer's specifications and drawings.


In conclusion, we are your trusted injection molding experts, dedicated to delivering superior results. If you require further information or have any inquiries,

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We offer a range of solutions to help you scale from effective prototypes to production parts. Our rich manufacturing experience and ability to integrate resources enable us to handle any project’s needs and ensure your parts always meet the highest quality standards. 



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